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Testimonials for Killing Bedbugs

For home and commercial insect control of bedbugs, if independent research by major laboratories isn’t enough, see what our happy customers had to say about using Nature’s Response™ Bed Bug Killer to get rid of bedbugs.

I've tried other products for bed bug treatments and found that my call back numbers were just to high until I tried Natures Response and notice fewer call backs for bed bug treatments. I would highly recommend Natures Response to anyone in the pest control business who is fighting this new epidemic.

John Downs
East Coast Termite & Pest Control

Great product! So easy to use, and it took a load off my mind. We had a bed bug scare in my building, but thanks to your stuff, my apartment has been bed bug free. THANK YOU!

Jennifer M.
Cleveland Ohio

Finally, a bug spray that doesn’t scare me. I live as green as possible, eat organic when I can, etc. so most bug sprays worry me. Not this one. Knowing that it’s made from natural ingredients that won’t hurt my pets makes me feel a lot better. It worked really well, too.  Thankfully, we caught the bed bugs early but this spray did the trick and got rid of them quick. It even smells nice, not chemically like most sprays.

Best regards,
Robert M. North
Orlando FL

Thank you so much. The instructions on your site were just what I needed. At first, everything I found online talked about getting rid of your mattress (if not every piece of furniture covered in fabric) and hiring exterminators. That doesn't work if you're on a tight budget like me. Your instructions were clear, simple and to the point, giving me the confidence I needed to do it myself. The products were great, too. I feel much more comfortable now, especially since I can use it to keep them away for good. I never thought I'd find a bed bug treatment that would work without getting rid of most of my possessions and/or using something toxic that I might regret down the road. A friend suggested that I check out Nature's Response and I am so glad she did! The site explained everything I needed to know about bed bugs and did it clear, plain language and step-by-step instructions. I picked up your spray, traps, and mattress covers for my home. The traps make me feel especially secure that I thoroughly eliminated bed bugs. Anyone who hasn't dealt with bed bugs themselves can't understand the creepy, crawly feeling you get from knowing they are there. Nature's Response gave me the peace of mind I lost when I first discovered bed bugs in my home. Thank you so much for giving me a safe way to handle the problem. It's exactly what I needed.

Jared S.
Rhinebeck, NY

Nice product.. I purchased the spray and monitors 5 weeks ago. I did two applications so far and have not seen any bed bugs since.   I have to admit it took me a while to do the whole house because I followed all your instructions to the tee.. But it was worth it. I saved a lot of money because the exterminator I called quoted me over $1200. Please continue to keep making green products that actually work! 

Austin N.
Victoria, BC Canada