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Bed Bug Covers for Luggage

Prevent bed bugs while traveling with bed bug covers for luggage.

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Bed bug covers for your luggage are a vital step in protecting your family from bed bugs while traveling. Cleanliness and prestige have no impact on whether your vacation destination is infested. Even some major hotels have been accused of bed bug outbreaks.

You can protect yourself and your loved ones by using heavy-duty, specially made luggage encasements for simple pest prevention when you travel. Used properly, these bed bug covers prevent bed bugs from getting into your luggage.

Bed Bug Covers Provide Travel Protection

Simply bring a luggage encasement with you when traveling. Upon arrival at your hotel, resort or cruise ship, use a luggage rack, preferably as far away from the bed as possible, to keep your luggage off the floor and make it harder for bed bugs to reach and hide in your belongings.

Then put the suitcase in the bed bug cover, making sure it stays zippered tight at all times except when you’re getting something from or putting it into the suitcase. Your luggage will stay safe, especially during the night when bed bugs are active.

Whether home or on the road, bed bug covers can keep your belongings safe.