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Bed Bug Killer PRO 55 Gallon

Bed bug extermination is easy when you use the bed bug control formula made with the what the USDA calls the number one bio-based pesticide

Volume: 55 gal

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True bed bug control means bed bug extermination. Do that without compromising safety with NATURE’S RESPONSE™ BED BUG KILLER PRO. Give your clients the best of both.

It’s even scientifically proven to be effective in studies at Rutgers University, Iowa State University and the ICR laboratories.

it’s made with FDA-approved food-grade ingredients so your customers can feel confident allowing it to be used around their loved ones and pets.

Give your clients the peace of mind of knowing that their families are safe from harsh, dangerous toxins without sacrificing effectiveness.

NATURE’S RESPONSE™ BED BUG KILLER PRO kills bed bugs within one minute and immobilizes them on contact. It even kills any newly laid eggs within 72 hours or less.

Our bed bug spray can be applied as a liquid or a mist. Its low molecular weight means it will penetrate deeply into cracks and crevices for outstanding bed bug control.

Unlike other methods of bed bug extermination, NATURE’S RESPONSE™ BED BUG KILLER PRO is convenient. It doesn’t restrict re-entry time so your clients can return home right after treatment.

NATURE’S RESPONSE™ BED BUG KILLER PRO Is the Ultimate In Bed Bug Extermination:

  • Scientifically proven to be effective
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • kills bed bugs, their eggs and nymphs
  • Non-conductive so it can be sprayed into walls
  • Safe for use in hospitals, schools, shelters and health care facilities
  • Does not stain carpets, furniture, or clothing
  • Low molecular weight for exceptional penetration
  • Does not restrict re-entry

Whether your clients are concerned about bed bug extermination or having the safest bed bug control method used around their families, you can deliver with NATURE’S RESPONSE™ BED BUG KILLER PRO.