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Exterminator Quality Organic Pesticide - 24 oz

Professional bed bug killer instantly immobilizes bed bugs and kills them on contact.

Volume: 24 fl. oz.

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Organic pesticide can be both deadly to bed bugs, producing professional quality results, while still being kind to the environment. Use NATURE’S RESPONSE™ BED BUG KILLER PRO by itself for a completely green treatment or use it with your normal treatment regimen for a multi-level approach.

NATURE’S RESPONSE™ BED BUG KILLER PRO has a low molecular weight that provides exceptional penetration. This ready-to-use formula can be applied as a liquid or as a mist if used with a non-thermal ULV fogger. A commercial hand pump sprayer is also a viable way to ensure consistent delivery into hard-to-reach areas.

This organic pesticide instantly immobilizes bed bugs and kills them on contact within one minute or less. Its scent, which is pleasant to humans, kills any newly laid eggs within 72 hours or less. It is considered a minimum-risk pesticide by the EPA. Made with FDA-approved food-grade ingredients, it can be used on any surface except plants.

Unlike other pest control supplies, NATURE’S RESPONSE™ BED BUG KILLER PRO is non-conductive so it can even be sprayed inside wall outlets, plate covers and wall voids to attack bed bugs hiding in walls or migrating between apartments. However, please use caution and common sense when using NATURE’S RESPONSE™ BED BUG KILLER PRO in this manner. Turn off power and unplug devices when possible before spraying.

Because it’s an organic pesticide with a pleasant, natural scent, you don’t have to restrict re-entry time. Your customers can return to their homes immediately after treatment.

Even the fussiest consumer will be relieved to know you are using the most scientifically proven effective formula without exposing them to dangerous toxins and harsh chemicals. Unlike other brands, NATURE’S RESPONSE™ BED BUG KILLER PRO is made from safe ingredients rather than pyrethrins, which have been proven to be dangerous to fish and can cause toxic symptoms to humans. Even better, bed bugs do not develop a resistance to it, unlike chemical treatments.

scientific studies by Iowa State University, Rutgers University and the ICR laboratories have proven that NATURE’S RESPONSE™ BED BUG KILLER PRO immobilizes bed bugs in all forms on contact and causes 100% mortality within one minute.

Your customers will be thrilled to know that you are using the most effective and safest pest control supplies for the complete eradication of bed bugs.


  • Scientifically proven to be effective
  • Low molecular weight for exceptional penetration
  • Non-conductive so it can be sprayed into walls
  • kills bed bugs, their eggs and nymphs
  • Safe for use in hospitals, schools, shelters and healthcare facilities
  • Does not stain carpets, furniture, or clothing
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Does not restrict re-entry

Give your clients the best by using the safest AND most effective organic pesticide on the market. NATURE’S RESPONSE™ BED BUG KILLER PRO is your best choice.