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Bed Bug Organic Pesticides - 55 Gallon

Organic pest control using a natural bed bug spray that’s effective and safe.

Volume: 55 gal.

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If you have a commercial property, Nature’s Response™ organic pesticides are your best bet to halt a bed bug epidemic in its tracks. Use the 55-gallon size with a fogger to efficiently and deeply penetrate 110,000 square feet, killing bed bugs within one minute of contact.

Don’t just take our word for it. Independent lab testing at Rutgers University, Iowa State University, and the Insect Control and Research (ICR) laboratory in Baltimore, Md., have definitively proved that Nature’s Response™ Bed Bug Killer immobilizes bed bug adults on contact and kills them within one minute 100 percent of the time. It even kills bed bug eggs.

The EPA even states that its active ingredient “causes no risk to humans or the environment.”

Thanks to its pleasant scent, your customers will never know you’re using the most effective bio-based pesticide available – one that’s free of dangerous toxins.

Nature’s Response™ Bed Bug Killer is the smart, green choice for killing bed bugs.