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Tri-Jet Bug Fogger

Foggers are great bed bug products for covering a large area, like commercial properties.

Volume: 1 gal.

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If you need to use Nature’s Response™ Bed Bug Killer in a large area, our fogger can make the job a piece of cake. It’s absolutely indispensable for commercial properties where regular spraying is required.

The Tri-Jet Fogger delivers a consistent, low density fog that penetrates cracks and crevices where bed bugs may be hiding, carrying a lethal dose of Nature’s Response™ Bed Bug Killer to the bed bugs’ respiratory system while being safe for humans. Its mist is safe on furniture, carpets, drapes and in cabinets.

With 40 years of reliable service, the Tri-Jet Fogger sets the standard for how a fogger should function. As a “cold fogger” it can be used with both water-based solutions (like Nature’s Response™ Bed Bug Killer) and oil-based formulas.

A one-turn control allows you to adjust the amount of misting and particle size so you can adjust for various products. Besides using it with Nature’s Response™ Bed Bug Killer, you can also use it to control odors, disinfect, sanitize and humidify a living space.

The Tri-Jet head can be adjusted up or down to whatever angle you need. Its lightweight aluminum construction makes it easy to use while still very durable. It comes with a five-year manufacturer limited warranty.

To keep your hotel, B&B, resort or other commercial property free of bed bugs, the Tri-Jet Fogger combined with Nature’s Response™ Bed Bug Killer is the smart choice for regular, reliable treatment.