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Drum Mount Fogger

Pest control equipment to fit practically any drum for commercial and industrial application.

Volume: 1 gal.

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Does your hotel, office building, warehouse, storage building, barn house or other large enclosure have issues with pests and insect? The Drum Mount Fogger is specifically designed to fit on 5, 10, 20, 30 or 55 gallon drums. When doing large-scale pest fogging, there’s nothing better to get the job done quickly and effectively.

When dealing with insects and pests, you need to make sure that every room, hallway and crevice is attended to if you want to ensure complete eradication. In larger enclosures, like commercial warehouses, this isn’t always so simple when using conventional foggers. The beauty of the Drum Mount commercial insect fogger is how it attaches directly to those large drums of water-based or oil-based solutions instead of needing to extract and pour out smaller portions into other devices.

Like our other foggers, the more conventional Tri-Jet Fogger and the Deluxe Fogger, the powerful Drum Mount fogger is a cold fogger device that creates low density fog perfect for penetrating cracks and crevices. It’s an easy to use device with a one-turn control dial to choose mist and particle sizes, is easy to control and requires no special training to be used effectively.

This powerful pest fogging device will give you peace of mind knowing that your large scale enclosures, hotel lobbies, barn house, stables, warehouses and more can be easily cleared of harmful and annoying insects.