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Drawer Liners

Eliminating bed bugs is easier when using drawer liners.

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Eliminating bed bugs is easier at home or when traveling with drawer liners. They can keep your clothing safe from bed bug infestation.

If you like to use the bureau during your stay at a hotel, resort or cruise ship, drawer liners keep your belongings safe.

Keep the drawer liners zipped except for when you are removing or replacing clothing. Bed bugs won’t be able to hitch a ride home with you.

Made of heavy duty vinyl, these specially made drawer liners are a great way to protect your clothing from bed bugs while traveling.

You can even use them at home. After a thorough room treatment with Nature’s Response™, use drawer liners to block bed bugs from getting to your belongings.

eliminating bed bugs is easy if you use the right products. Drawer liners are one more item in your arsenal against bed bug infestation.