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ClimbUp Insect Interceptor

Bed bug products that make it harder for bed bugs to reach your mattress and make it easier for you to spot an infestation.

Interceptors Per Box: 4

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Whether you’ve had a problem with bed bugs or you just want to be careful, the ClimbUp® Insect Interceptor is your early warning system.

ClimbUp® bed bug traps specially target bed bugs’ favorite hiding place – where you sleep. This environmentally friendly detection system warns you if bed bugs are around. The double-walled plastic monitor works with bed bugs’ natural instincts and tendencies.

The coarse tape on the outside of ClimbUp® creates ideal climbing conditions so bed bugs can get inside whereas the slippery, talc-covered interior keeps bed bugs from escaping. When the trap needs to be reactivated, just add household talcum powder – no dangerous chemicals needed.

Since spotting bed bugs is a key step in eradicating them, ClimbUp® makes it easy to tell if you’ve been infested. Since it’s safe around pets and children, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re keeping them away from both pests and dangerous chemicals.

ClimbUp® is the simple, smart choice.