19th December

Bed Bugs and Dogs: Protecting Your Home and Your Pet

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Claire, from Columbus Ohio, wrote to our Bed Bug Expert with a question:

“We have a bed bug infestation that won’t seem to go away. We’ve had an exterminator out twice already, and within weeks or months we’re getting bitten again. I looked online and read about pets possibly being a problem – could our dogs be what keeps the bed bugs coming back?”

The Bed Bug Expert writes:

“Claire – it certainly could be your pets. Bed bugs aren’t picky when it comes to meal time, and if there aren’t people to feed from, they’ll bite your pets instead. Bed bugs can easily infest pet bedding and places where your dogs like to sleep – including your couch – and many homeowners never even realize because they just assume it’s fleas making your pets itch and scratch.”

“When you have a bed bug infestation, you need to treat every inch of your pet’s bedding and living space as well as your own. Wash their sheets in hot water, then tumble-dry them on MAX to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Then use our bed bug killer spray on bedding, cushions and every area your dogs go into. Don’t worry – our bed bug killing products are 100% organic and use natural, food-grade ingredients, so you won’t be harming your pet.”

“The key to eliminating bed bugs once and for all is thoroughness. You need to treat every item that can harbor bed bugs at the same time; to wipe the slate clean and kill an infestation dead. This is why treating pets like family members means washing their sheets and bathing them like you do your kids.”

Well, Claire – we hope this advice helps. Since you’ve already had a professional exterminator strike out twice, we recommend following the Bed Bug Expert’s advice and try to tackle any future infestations on your own; using our natural and organic pesticides.

While the Bed Bug Expert is right that they’re totally safe for your pets, the food-grade ingredients trigger a reaction in bed bug physiology that literally suffocates them within minutes – helping stop an infestation in its tracks.


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