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Bug Spray Prevention Kit #2

Bed Bug Prevention and Eradication Kit #2
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Bed bug elimination starts here with our Bed Bug Home Kits. Bed bug bites and hassles will be a thing of the past.

For 60 days this kit is perfect for two-bedroom apartments and homes.

In it, you’ll get in the two-bedroom Bed Bug Home Kit:

• 2 32-fl. oz. bottles Nature’s Response™ Bed Bug Spray
• 2 of ClimbUp Insect Interceptor
• 2 of Mattress Encasement of preferred size
• 2 of Box Spring Encasement (optional)

Bed Bug eradication In a Box

The Bed Bug Home Kit starts with Nature’s Response Bed Bug Killer™ spray. Made from safe ingredients, it’s scientifically proven to be effective in immobilizing and killing bed bugs.

The kit comes with two 32-ounce bottles of our bed bug elimination spray. That will provide 1000 square feet of bed bug eradication power.
The next step after treatment is denying bed bugs their favorite hiding place — your mattress and box spring. Mattress and box spring encasements keep bed bugs from getting through, protecting your valuable investment.

Detection Is Essential
Knowing if bed bugs are climbing off or toward your bed or couch is crucial. ClimbUp™ monitors are designed to use bed bugs’ natural habits against them, trapping them in a device that’s gentle on the environment because it uses common, household talcum powder.

Everything You Need for Bed Bug eradacation
The Bed Bug Home Kit makes it easy to kill bed bugs – giving you the peace of mind of knowing your family is safe from dangerous, toxic chemicals.

While insects can’t develop a resistance to the ingredients in Nature’s Response™, it’s safe for the environment and around your most precious concerns – your children and pets.

Save thousands of dollars without sacrificing safety or effectiveness by using the green solution — Nature’s Response™ Bed Bug Home Kit.