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BBEDS - Bedbug Early Detection System

Monitors are bed bug products that enable you to notice a bed bug infestation as soon as possible.

Traps Per Box: 6

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Whether you’re a homeowner or manage a hotel, whether you’ve had a bed bug outbreak or want to stop one in its tracks, knowing when bed bugs are there is essential. The Bedbug Early Detection System (BEDS) will help you do just that.

This passive monitoring system duplicates bed bugs’ favorite hiding place. Hundreds of hours of research and development went into the creation of BEDS to match it to instinctive bed bug behavior. Other insect traps either don’t have the surface material bed bugs like or doesn’t appeal to bed bugs at all, so bed bugs avoid them. Worse, bed bugs can easily escape the glue in common insect traps.

BEDS features dots of strategically placed super-strong adhesive that traps bed bugs instantly and for good. Their slim design means that BEDS can be tucked away in strategic locations bed bugs favor, like behind headboards, behind a drawer, under a box spring, etc. BEDS can even be slipped behind framed pictures.

BEDS is the most cost-effective general bed bug monitoring system on the market and an essential component in thorough bed bug eradication.