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Mattress Protector

A bed bug mattress cover blocks these pests, plus dust mites and more, from infesting your bed.

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A mattress protector is essential after getting rid of bed bugs in your home. Using a CleanRest® bed bug mattress cover will deny bed bugs their favorite hiding place.

Even better, this mattress protector will also guard you against other irritants such as dust mites, pollen and mold spores. It even keeps pet dander out of it.

CleanRest® mattress covers are made from MicronOne® allergy blocking fabric technology. Its 100% micro denier polyester fabric is tightly woven to a maximum pore size of 1 micron. Even better, these mattress covers are completely free of chemicals, lead, BPA, VOCs or phthalates. It’s no surprise that doctors recommend it.

Invest in a good night’s sleep by using a bed bug mattress cover.